17 December 2010

File Under "Bardak"

Yet another brawl in the Verkhovna Rada, the second this year. It's not even kooky anymore -- just sad. Carrying on the tradition of childishness in the parliament, Batkivshchyna and BYuT deputies blocked the rostrum to protest Tymoshenko's recent legal problems.

What a circus. They all deserve to be fired.

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  1. There's a bit more to it, Leopolis, my friend.

    The judicial system in Ukraine is corrupt as all hell. The Blue Mafia Party of Regions has been repeatedly picking off former Tymoshenko government officials on criminal charges of "corruption" - it all smacks of an attempt to get rid of any opposition, and stalin show trials.

    So now they have opened a criminal probe against Tymo, and a court, in typical sovok relic style, has issued an order forbidding her to leave the country.

    So in response to that, and in response to a stalin show trial judicial system (and factor in frustration at the Blue Mafia not giving the opposition any opportunity for meaningful input in Parliament), a few BYuTies went into Parliament, IN THE EVENING AFTER OFFICIAL SESSION HOURS, and hung some banners protesting the persecution of Tymoshenko - AND it was motivated by the certainty of a stalin show trial.

    The Blue Mafia, which normally doesn't show up during official session hours, got wind of this and suddenly showed up.

    You've got to understand that the Blue Mafia has been bulldozing over everything and everybody by "playing the piano." A select few show up during session hours, and "votes" are taken by the select few "playing the piano" - that is, they press not only their own electronic voting buttons, but also those of as many other deputies as they can.

    Thus, 50 deputies can garner 269 votes for legislation (226 is a majority out of 450).

    First, the Blue Mafia turned out the lights in the hall. Second, they tried to chase out journalists.

    Third, they started busting down the doors, and in an all out vicious assault, starting beating BYuT deputies.

    Granted, the BYuTies made an rank amateur attempt to lock the hall.

    But the mafiosi from the Party of Regions is populated specifically, under the party list system, by thugs who are or were bodyguards and wrestlers, etc., for the specific purpose of beating people up.

    Which they did, sending one old professor to the hospital with very, very serious injuries, and several others with injuries.

    It was not a fight - it was a one-sided assault, and it's fairly easy to pick out the mafiosi Party of Regions guys.